About Us

One year ago, a crack commando unit was sent to brainstorm by a militant gardener for a website they needed to create. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security meeting in Capitol Hill to the Seattle underground. Today, still wanted by Amy, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a garden, if no one else will garden for you, and if you can find them…. maybe you can hire…the UGS-Team.

Amy Pennington
amyAmy is the creator and owner of GoGo Green Garden, an edible gardening business. Additionally, she is a food writer for Seattle’s Conscious Choice magazine and a regular contributor to Edible Seattle. Amy has the weekly honor of producing the three-hour radio program In The Kitchen With Tom and Thierry for Newstalk 97.3 KIRO, hosted by two James Beard award-winning chef/author/restaurateurs, Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau. When Amy is not growing, cooking or writing about food, she can be found dreaming up marketing schemes for a variety of good food clients.
Gannon Curran
gannonGannon is the designer and fine-tooth-comb of this project. He developed the look-and-feel, logo, and collateral on his first go and continues to make everything he touches look stunning. Gannon is currently working with several clients on brand identification, logo development and print marketing. When not sketching with pen on random bits of paper or sitting behind his huge design monitor in his cozy and well-appointed apartment, Gannon can be found searching for the perfect plot to guerilla garden. Next project? A prolific kitchen garden, just outside his SW facing windows.
Jesse Dawson
Jesse is the web developer responsible for your smooth and efficient use of this website. He can be personally accredited with intense technological savvy, creative solutions and ever-present insight. His temper and patience make this project both beautiful and functional. Jesse is currently looking to build his portfolio by doing good work for good clients. When not punching out odd script that no one but he and Colin can understand, he can be found combing the streets of Seattle in search of a great Belgium beer.
Colin Saunders

Colin is the brains behind the brawn and overall technological advisor to Team UGS. His expertise and intellect are an invaluable asset to the composition of the site. Amy is eternally grateful for his contribution to this project and for answering every late-night call she made during the process. Colin is the co-founder of the ever-popular and growing Foodista – an online cooking encyclopedia everyone can edit.

So, Here’s The Story…

This project was originally thought up and brainstormed over a glass of bourbon one year ago. Gannon and Amy met in the Seattle Tilth Comprehensive Organic Gardening program and the rest, they say, is history. Gannon’s eye for design and detail are what make every page so pretty to look at. Colin and Amy met at a fall Harvest Dinner and while driving through Napa wine valley, hatched the beginnings of urbangardenshare.com. Urbangardenshare owes its name to Colin, even though Amy initially scoffed at the suggestion. Jesse and Amy met over pulled pork and beer at Oddfellows Café, wherein Amy either tricked or charmed Jesse enough for him to dedicate his time and wisdom to this project. Jesse is the glue that binds us. All of us came together in a very organic fashion wherein our ducks lined up at just the right time. I could not have gotten this project off the ground without the dedication and help of Gannon, Jesse and Colin. They have been a sheer force and an absolute pleasure to work with. I am, and will continue to be, in awe.